PS3 whos pre ordered theirs?

Pre-ordered mine from Argos for £430. Recieved a confirmation letter a few days later. Really can't wait either! Already planning my excuse for missing a weeks worth of uni. The best I've got so far is post war trauma from playing Call of Duty in the dark :FRIGHT:
where from if they go well on flebay i may sell mine and get mine afterwards this way i may make a few quid which will fund for the games.:FRIGHT:
Argos £425 + £5 delivery. Had it confirmed and money taken out account. Gonna buy Motorstorm, Call of Duty 3 and a 2nd controller nearer the release date.
got mine from argos for £430 too. and recieved the letter too. also i have pre-order 1 from choiceUk, to sell it on ebay
i had 5 pre-orders 1 from argos, 1 from play, 1 from komplett, 1 from powerplaydirect and 1 from game.

I've since cancelled game, powerplaydirect - thinking whether I should keep the other two apart from argos.

what do you think?
i would keep all orders u will make on them when u sell
had my preorder in since may 2006 with gamestation. spoke to them yesterday on the phone, and they confirmed i would be getting mine on launch day.

only available as a bundle though, which is a bit of a pain in the arse.
pre ordered mine from Argos £425 + £5 delivery. Had it confirmed and money taken out account.
Don't know what games to get yet. might just wait to sooner the date
Pre order from Game

Sold all original 360 games! as a deposit and credit on PS3 with Game.
May well flog softmod 360 also
I may trade in my sony psp to get one. how much would a shop like GAME give me for it? Its in perfect condition, boxed and has a 512mb memory stick and Fifa Street 2.
I paid 50quid at game for my pre-order. paid 20quid to gamestation but got a refund as i wont have enough money.

BUT im also a market trader on weekends and we got 8 PS3's for sale! 60gig jap version. not tried it yet.
Pre Ordered mine from GameStation......way back in May 06....took the £20 deposit .....couldn't tell me how much and what u got way back then ....been in since and found out I am number 14 on the hopefully I might get 1 ....I know there's gonna be a short supply at launch ( Sony's Marketting Ploy ) but at the £400 + price tag I thought there wouldn't be that many gettin em ......time will tell.....I have also been considering gettin a US version as the games are released b4 us and when u convert the $ - £ u save quite a lot.....on the hardware and the games!
no need to get a US console to play the US games.

the PS3 is region free for games, so you can import your games from USA and they will still work on your UK PS3