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Dec 3, 2012
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So amazon locked my account as they thought there was suspicious behavior on my account after i bought something.

Seems the only way to get it unlocked was to ring a UK number. I'm based in Ireland so its not cheap €0.50 a minute. On the phone for about 5 minutes and they said they would contact me by email and they did saying my account was unlocked but it was not.

Rang them again on the phone to someone for 5 minutes and then on hold for another 5 while being transferred to the correct person and then another 5-10 on with another person who was asking me questions that takes ages to answer as i have to search through hundreds of emails to find my recent purchases, when i first signed up to prime etc.. After answering question after question i gave up and told her just delete my account and i will set up a new one.

10 minutes later i get an email to complete deletion of account, login which i cant do!!!!

Does any place have email support these days or Irish number for me to call!!!!! My own ISP requires you to sign up with email but you need to use twitter to contact them!! It seems more and more places are doing this and its infuriating I dont want to have to spend an hour on hold to not have my problem solved. Calling Amazon today has cost me nearly €15 so far and i got no where. I have to go to the bank tomorrow to have them cancel prime from amazon since i cant delete the account. What a joke.
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You can always request them to call you back.
Always found Amazon support to be flawless to be honest.

That's only if your logged in already and I asked them to call me back but they said they can't.
I had a problem with Amazon a few years back and was getting no sense out of the webchat or with phone calls.
I emailed their CEO and early the following morning I got a call from VIP customer support who resolved the problem within ten minutes.

[email protected]

The current CEO is Mr John Boumphrey.

I had similar positive results by emailing the CEO of Tesco at the start of the covid pandemic when Tescos were prioritising delivery slots for people with health problems, who the government had requested stay home but I could not get a slot. I was called the following morning and given access to the site with a reserved slot allocated for me. Once I had that initial slot I was able to use the site again throughout the pandemic.