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Mar 29, 2005
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Glorious UK
i want to get a printer and there are so many to choose from,just would like to know which is considered the best for value for money and is a decent printer.bearing in mind the inks have to be on the cheap too to refill or change.all suggestions welcome
When someone asks me what printer to get I always tell them to start by looking at the price of the refills/carts and work from there.
i use a brother printer/scanner copier ,its good 2nd choice would be epson cos of ink prices
Definatley an epson for me mate the ink so cheap, hp are a good printer but the ink is so expensive.
i had bought a dell but after i needed new ink which i bought from dell they wouldnt work something to do with not regonising the ink so reverted back to my epson ink cheap as well cant fault it so i would say Epson
Recommend one of the canon IPxxxx series, 3rd party inks just as cheap as epson with a quicker and sometimes better quality print