Newbie needing help with a few questions



Hiya. Would appreciate any help with answering a few questions, as below. First a little detail about my setup:
I fixed some nice old bloke's pc the other day and, as he's migrated to Sky, he gave me a dodgy old General Instruments CFT-2100 box that seems to access some 'new' channels :) He's used it for a few years, with no issue, so I connected it by splitting out the incoming NTL signal to both the CFT-2100 and my standard NTL:home Samsung grey box. All seems to work fine, including my broadband connection. Now for the questions:
  • The CFT-2100 only seems to register 50 channels. Is that standard and the maximum amount of available channels on this box?
  • Is there anyway to manually tune the CFT-2100? I can't find any option to manually tune within the menus. I don't have the original remote.
  • Any ideas why I only get some pay channels, not all of them? Is there any way to control which you get?
If anyone could explain how the CFT-2100 grabs the channels, that would be most helpful. I was thinking that it just takes the input signal and just descrambles anything and everything it can but that made me wonder why some channels still aren't displayed.
I'd appreciate any time you can spare to write a response. Thanks in advance.


If anyone could help, I'd really appreciate knowing if I can get more than 50 channels on this box. :)


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Nov 29, 2004
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I think that's probably your lot, and is likely to reduce as less and less is broadcast on analogue (I think there has been talk of complete analogue switch off for cable in the not too distant future, depending on your area). If you want the 'full package' you're better off with a digibox.