newbe to satellite


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Jul 26, 2005
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i'm sorry if i sound stupid... (most of my time was on the cable forum) my mate wanted some info, so now i'm intrigued.
done a lot of reading and am prob., more confused now than ever..
can someone clarify in laymans terms please.
if i get a 1M dish with say a technosat usb reiever (for argument sake). to decrypt channels what do i need ?:i accept the fact of different encryptions. so do i need a cam to suit ? or a card ? can i programme either via phoenix programmer? or an infinity? or do i need a cas3? and can i reprogrop.?or do i need to buy original cards???if i can programme my own cards or cams how long do they last befor update??? and do i have to write flashed firmware to whatever box i get??? sorry for all the questions. but my head is fried..thanx


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Aug 10, 2001
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essex colchester-ipswich
Go back to the start :), as nobody can explain the whole satellite industry and its history & future within a reply on a forum.
Simple laymans-
Satellite broadcast>>satellite dish>>satellite receiver>>television

Anything else you buy will be completely dependant on what you want to achieve. Some channels can open with 'patch' firmware, some channels can open with a programmable cam, some channels open with a smartcard, some only open with official subscription, some open with cardsharing method, some wont open (like network feeds and armed forces networks etc).

Before you buy, read what the product does or offers.

Why are you thinking of buying a Technosat? What does this offer you?