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Aug 18, 2005
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hi all , just like to say a hello to all and hope some one can help , i have 2 at cards , i used the X2NC atmegaird prog to get the bk and ird keys , i have noticed in various posts in the forum that the ird key should either end or start with a "12" , neither of the ird keys on my cards do ,both have been working fine in two ntl sammy boxes up until a few days ago wen everyone lost there channels , i then opened up rst gen and put in the ird and bk keys then generated a flash , then got the latest rst from off the site , and generated a flash file . what i want to do just for now is to make a funcard , is it possible to use the ird and bk i made into a flash , and prog them to a funcard 2 or is the ird key not right as it not have the "12"
have tried progging it through infinity by putting the generated flash into the flash , and the rst file into the int eep , wen i put it in the sammy nothing opens

any help is greatfully appreciated
Your on the right track mate, the ird for sammy boxes don't start with 12 usually it starts with 3e so if yours do then you should be ok to write the numbers to a fun2 using the Rst flash generator program in which you creat your flash file with your ird and bk in for your area and save that which don't change from then on and then you just dowload the latest Rst internal eeprom file for your area and programe the card and your up and running again in minutes!
sammys ird start with 3e not 12 and you can use your flash on funcard someone will correct me if i am wrong hope this helps
thanks for that guys , the ird does start with 3e , so if i got this right , i put the ird and the bk into the rst gen to make a flash file then save it as ie: funflash .

then i put my progger into funcard mode ,put the funflash into the flash part
and put the rstfile into the inteep part

do i have to put the box on any particular channel to get it to activate or do i have to leave it on a terresstrial one for a certain amount of time and then go to one of theothers
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thanks for your help guys , tried it with the ird number one way dint work , tried it with ird reversed and bingo .

just one other question , should it also open the ppv section or is that just on at , tit card files etc .

once again thanks for help , much appreciated