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Nov 19, 2005
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can anyone help? i brought a pace ntl box with a tit2 card and everything was ok, till everyones went off and now we can only get bbc 1,2 itv 1,2 etc no channel 5. i think mine is a di 4001nc. can some one go through in lamens terms what i need to make a card,how i do it,where i start please help if you can, any help appreciated cheers masterplan
This is the completely wrong section.... this is for DBOX2 downloads only!
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have a read here mate

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hey man, where you from?

I got the same box.

Do a search on these forums and you'll probably find hundreds of things you can do to fix ur card.

At the minute there is no permanent fix for titanium cards as such, but one might come soon.

You probably have to consider getting another card, there are pleanty of options search around for them.