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Oct 24, 2010
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M300 Enclosure with 2x20 LCD

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old stock i have been sorting thro these retail about £100


The M300-Enclosure is a versatile mini-ITX enclsosure designed for embedded applications where CDROM drives are not required.
The M300-Enclosure fits any type of mini-ITX board with standard back I/O shield though it is NOT recommended for EPIA 800, EPIA 5000 and EPIA CN series because of the different USB header pinout.
The M200-Enclsoure will work with up to two IDE or SATA 2.5" disk drives (disk drive cable adapter not included).
The M300-Enclosure is compatible with the DC-DC picoPSU power supplies, allowing system designers to pick the right PSU for their application (picoPSU not included in this assembly).

The M300 LCD Enclosure is fitted with the Mini-Box picoLCD USB LCD intelligent 2x20 character USB LCD display module with InfraRed receiver and keypad interface.
This USB LCD display device it's a true USB HID device (not serial or parallel port to USB emulated) supporting high speed data transfers and easy application developmen without any special drivers needed.
picoLCD is not limited to a USB only connection it can be connected thru I2C or USART.

The M300-Enclosure has a front door for extra USB ports and Bootable Compact Flash adapter (included), making this enclosure perfect for systems that boot from a Compact Flash Card or MicroDrive.
This enclosure also allows the installation of a PCI card via the included PCI Riser Card.

•Universal embedded mini-ITX enclosure
•Light, Alu construction
•Front Door with USB and Compact-Flash Slot
•Bootable (IDE) Compact-Flash Adapter Included
•Up to two 2.5" drives
•PWR button and LED
•Works with any picoPSU (not included)
•Size 20cm(w) x 7.8cm(H) x 24cm(D)