New Listing: Half-size Single board computer with LVDS/LAN/CFC

turner brown

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Oct 24, 2010
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Half-size Single board computer with LVDS/LAN/CFC

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this is a single board pc with 1ghz cpu brand new (opened one to show pic ) have 2 of these but auction is for 1

these are great little project boards and are mostlly found in robotics and industrial machines
i used these for a couple of boat installs these are very easy to set up only using 1 molex connector to power
i have also used one in the bottom of my pc case as a back up so if anything major happens i can be back up and running in a few mins
by swapping a few cables

i will try find the exact model number of the board but this shouldnt be needed as all the drivers,headers and cables are with these

quick spec from what i remember is

10/100 nic
2 ps2 with breakout cable
2 usb2 ports with header
serial port
1 sd ram slot up to 1gb
compact flash (bootable)