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  • hi mate im new to this forum my mate cushy17 told me to join and poinyed me in your direction , im hopeing to get a c line for a dream box cheers mate
    hi im new hear and never used sites like this before but i need help with my lg tv 32ld450 to play avi files can you help the wiki links dead i have a one for all remote(ucr 7557)will this work and if so how thanks for any help you can give me!
    Hi BIG-HOL i've been given your name by a member of wizardmods who says you might be able to sort me out with a cline, hope you don't mind me messaging you.
    Thanks for the advice, and it would be great if you could forward me a test cline.
    Kind Regards
    ouch sorry to hear that, but does it mean more time off work at home with the baby? gotta look on the bright side!
    just got a bm500s and loades pii image but how do i get cs onit do i have to pay? never used satt before been on cable for years but now gone
    could u help me thanks ,al.
    hi big -hol , i need help flashing my dm500 box ,seems to be stuk on greenlight, ; username--gegendu,,,,,pls help, tnx
    Hiya mate I have never fancied a Ps3 before, but whats the least amount you would take for the lot?? I live in Spennymoor so if ya near I could pick it up. If its cheap enough that is...
    hi new member from the tyne and wear area got fta 101 on virgen no sports or any thing could you tell me what box i need to get all channels back on,

    many thanks,

    oooooooooooo it did work via mobile haha.....gud job a had the 50mb free hahahaha............stupid friggin virgil lol xx
    No net n cant get a top up cos a need 2 reg me new card n the offices r closed haha. Msgd ya cloth! Gudnyt n luv ya hahaha. Ul def get this cos ur always on it lol. Mwah wench toes x x x x
    new to this site and my dreambox... tryin to find out as much as i can before even tryin to connect it to my pc.........
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