netgear me 102


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Jul 18, 2005
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hi i have a me 102 netgear access point i am trying to bring this into a wireles s network i have a 4 port router my modem goes into router my main pc is connected through cable i have a dreambox with ethernet port which i can connect to my network through cable no probs what i am trying to do is use the access point to connect my dreambox to my wireless network what i need to know is do i set the access point ip ect to the same settings as router or do i give it the same ip as my main pc....what setting do i put access point on ethernet bridge ,, access point i have access to the interface but not sure what settings to put it on really giving me haedacke so any help would be great............... some advice i have already tried is putting the access point on same settings as wireless router ip ,security on or off gateway e.c.t. e.c.t. do not no where to go from here heeelllllpppp please....