Need a blackcat


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Aug 16, 2005
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Berks Pure NTHell
Hi all
Bad news about ambits at mom
Got 1 of each 100,120,200,250
still Considering whether or not to buy a willem
Got early dumps so i may
From what im hearing they are re-writing the original data back
But how do they know the original data
Unless its in another place we missed
Since the surfs and terayons aint been hit
Theres still a hole however small
Right to the point
I have a 200 with a 250(out of box state) firmware on it
This is the only 1 that aint been updated i have left(not in feed)
In hyperterminal it looks like a sb5100
Take a look in download sec here
If im right hopefully blackcat should work
But can i find a workig copy?
Could anyone send me a pic of a surfb close up
So i can check the chips or better still a wire diagram
So i can compare em
And a point to a working blackcat would be nice