N00b guide to key change


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May 16, 2007
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I’ve been away since before the key change (before anyone asks; No I wasn’t detained at her Majesty’s Pleasure. LOL.). Now I’m back I need some help getting my 600C up and running again.

I’m currently on Mr Dude’s image.
From what I can read from the posts on the key change, I need to do the following;
(1) Backup my current image to my HD (to retain my bouquets and settings)
(2) Flash the box with a fresh image that has the new keys in it (Pli image from Bainsy seems to be recommended?)


Have I missed anything or is there anything else that I need to do?

First issue; I have tried to back up the image to the HD by Pressing the blue button etc, I get to the “creating your image now….please wait” screen, which eventually clears. When I go into my list of movies etc that I have recorded, I can’t see the backup. Does this mean that it hasn’t backed up or is it saved in another location?

Thanks in advance.
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