modded xbox and about 40 games


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Jul 22, 2005
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yeah im in need of some fast fast cash and therefore i need 2 sell me beloved xbox. ive got about 8 offical games and about 30odd copied ones (ask me for list) only problem is theres the controller (my old one is bust) is faulty, and not really much use to anyone, u can get second hand ones now for a quid or two on ebay, or even gamestation. im looking for 65quid for this, includin post, pick up or drop off would probably be fine as well. pm me for more details. thanks
this is still for sale if anyone is interested. (i really hope someone is interested! haha)
somone can have this if they want now for £55
pm sent my friend. anyone else who wants a list of games please let me know, i will PM you the list. thankyou
wow, £115!! i might shove this little bad boy on ebay, i hear tho that you can get ur account closed if u sell chipped/modded goods. is it true? :eater:
List it "with extras" and invite questions anyone who is interested will know what it means !!
haha good idea ;)

i might have to invest in this ebay idea, i might get the original asking price for it! :D
still for sale if anyone is interested!