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May 7, 2005
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is it me or is it a little bit flaky? i'm finding it unresponsive and somewhat slower. i also noticed that the that there are fewer ripping codecs than the version i had (wma, ogg, aac etc).
Anyone else finding this? or is it just me???
Did you clear the cache before using newer version?
I didnt have XBMC installed previously on this drive installed it fresh fired it up tried it, then remembered to clear the cache which i did......
Yeah. I noticed an issue with this also. Some discs with hereos and movies burned to that worked in previous version did not work on new version. I had also been messing about with xbox in general and thought I had damaged the dvd drive. Will roll back the xbmc and see if plays them n the old version. May just be lack of codecs that’s causing the problem.
Just wait for the next release or just get the codecs from a older version which you know it worked.
Yip rolled back and it worked so got the very latest version 2007-03-18 and it works fine. Seems the problem was on the 2007-03-12 version