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Nov 30, 2005
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North Lanarkshire
ok, noobie asking what is probably a dumb question, lol. anyway on my m8's iphone 3g it says firmware 05.13.04 and version 4.0.1 (8a306). is this correct? or is there another software somewhere i shouls see? im looking about and see version 3.x.x etc but not a 4.x.x. i am a noob so no flaming me please but i have to try and get a grip of this jail break thing and i need to know if im starting in the correct place. any advice of what to read next would be helpful. i dont want spoon fed as i like to learn but i dont want to brick my m8 pohone either.
hi m8 firmware 05.13.04 thats the baseband which u need to know so that u can unlock your iphone , the 4.0.1 is the fw of the phone, u can jailbreak the firmware using the new jailbreak "jailbreakme.com, this is a jailbreak done on the iphone.

type this into the browser on the iphone
follow this video will show u how its all done
thanks m8, brilliant. i just text him the details and he is exstatic! it was starting to do my head in all the firmware and stuff.
no worries mate great news this jailbreak lol