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  • alright mate, i see you said you're thinking of getting a dreambox for your room. in order to do that would you need to run a network cable as well as a sat cable into your room.
    also do you need a separate c-line from a premium server. does your pc need to be switched on all the time.

    cheers mate, still trying to get my head round the sat scene.
    thanks for replyin , if i get a sat in my garden or roof will i get all the channels like my previous virgin dodgy box ??

    have u got this ?
    alryt mate jst a long shot but is there any chance u cud help me sort out this dw800hd box ?? havent got a clue wot to buy or wot to do:p

    a would pay you something obviously for your hassle, i stay in paisley near glasgow, or a cud come to you or something, any help would be good mate.

    please can you tellme the best place to get the kryptveiw and which models the best.
    i read one of your posts cheers
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