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Mar 30, 2005
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hi to all that can help i have a couple of questions to pick your brains with

my samsung 2100 has now a show of 0 on the front panel also i have checked the diagnostics menu and i have two problems 1 is somtimes card status is com error or just please wait stays like that forever i have two of these boxs in a t/w north east and they are both the same and both on cr1 both dont lose their net id bk and ird are 100% correct so any info on getting these boxs running again

2 i have an ntl di4000n that stays on ntl updating please wait dunno what cr software is on it but all i can tell u is that it is meek blue in diag any info on this would be great

3 i ahve a sa4000 here with au mosc works spot on but last nite i ordered off teleport and got to watch the film and today i cant do that just sticks on the teleport moveies box after pressing ok and says please wait all key locked in a little box can you tell me if im safe by ordering from teleport talkback is cut aswell

4 i also have another sa 4000 but talkback is cut i got this box from friend it dont show a picture at all or sound just the menus on the bottom that say no info it gets to diag and all that just no chanel picture i was going to renable the talkback to see if it would come on then i noticed the talkback chip that is in the shielded surround has been removed is there any other points i could put this to to renable talkback or another way

thanks for all help given