HUMAX DIGI+ III boxkey help


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Jul 21, 2010
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Hi all!
I have a DM500s, and would like to use my DIGI Nagravision card in it.
I need to extract the boxkey from a HUMAX DIGI+ III.
I heard of 4 ways to do this:

1.) Numbers from the bottom of the box
2.) Serial from HUMAX service menu
3.) J-TAG, Led Simm, stuff like that
4.) Sending it to someone who will do it for 50-60-80 euros or so.

1. Those numbers don't work in any way.
2. I don't know hot to access that hidden menu and i did not find ANYTHING about it on the internet.
3. I would need a tutorial for these, cause i barely know what these things are.
4. This should be the last solution, rather spare time, money, and risk less.

So please if anyone has an idea, let me know.
The best would be if you could tell me how to access that stupid hidden service menu on my HUMAX to get that serial number...
Help me if you can please, i've been working on this for weeks and am getting really frustrated. If you need any additional info or something just let me know, i'll be checking back pretty often.