How to burn a GCM? file

Rename the .GCM file extention to .ISO file and burn it as an image using either Nero or Alcohol 120%.

If you cant see the file extension go to folder options and there a box under view that will allow you to see file extensions?

Hope this helps?

GCM files can be burnt using Imgburn. Imgburn supports this file extension.

From experience renaming the .GCM extension to .ISO does not always work. However burning with Imgburn always seems to work.
hi got a .gcm file burnt it with imgburn but still dont work on mi modded wii
what am i doing wrong as i have tried 4 now? any help
The Wii doesn't like the media your using?

You burnt the disk at a high speed?
wii likes the media as i have 15 backed up wii games all done at 4 speed all working ace.
Is there any other way you could check if the ISO works? i.e. on a Gamecube?
no just have a wii mate
downloaded the gc thing off the wiinja website too that locks wii up