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  • Anychance of getting Juventus next season? as there Previously managed so im guessing the manager left..?
    Ha i bet, there a good team to build up.. make take a couple of seasons but its all good ive done it once before and can do it again :P...
    hi mate only around 5 think its got 2-3 weeks left cant send out any more requests until end of season
    Hi, how many games left of the season on soccermanager? was wondering if i could get an invite before the next season?

    hi collin, my iphone is playing up after downloading resupported 1.2. sky mobile app doesnt show the writing at all and freezes up. kopking
    Hi Colin, Its kopking, I just wanted to know what method did u use for payment for buying
    resupported 1.2.-01.

    How are you and yer 3rd world ter nuclear power (Mon The Pakistan!) mates getting on then?

    Oh oh oh racist alert !! :-)


    Do you still need Evo? I gave McCaffrey his copy but are u needing one?
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