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Home CCTV legal recording

Discussion in 'CCTV' started by berr22, Oct 6, 2016.

  1. berr22

    berr22 New Member

    Hi does anyone know if your CCTV cameras record image of public pavements or neighbours property only small area is that illegal ?

  2. rawsy

    rawsy DW F1 Champ 2010, 14

    I have looked this up before and found that in my area at least , that it is fine as long as there is a probable reason for the view that is being taken. I.e the path/road in front of your house to view your car.

    I think it varies though and is police commissioner or council thing which changes area to area like a bi law I think.

    Domestic CCTV: using CCTV systems on your property - GOV.UK this is just guidance but ultimately if you arnt invading people's privacy by pointing it at a neighbours window you should be fine. If you do have to have something in shot you don't want, most systems have a privacy mask where you can blank out an area of your camera to avoid issues.
    Last edited: Oct 7, 2016
  3. silverdale

    silverdale VIP Member

    Too many laws for me, as long as it's not intruding on other peoples property you'll be fine.
    Mine points onto my car parked on the road at the front of my home so therefor the pavement as well. There's no way to avoid that, and, who's going to know ?
  4. buzzer

    buzzer <font color="blue">Console Moderator +</font>

    I thought filming or photographing in public places was perfectly legal?

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  5. rawsy

    rawsy DW F1 Champ 2010, 14

    It is but if you have a camera pointing in to someone's bedroom window , that isn't a public place. It's about privacy more than anything but as said if you are looking at your car and garden and just happen to have your neighbours front door in shot there isn't much you can do. If your neighbour complains however that may be where the problem starts. That is why they have the privacy mask function on the cameras.
    I did stumble upon something though on a side note ,if someone has been filmed on your equipment in a public place they can request the footage from you. You can charge them up to £10 for the privilege though.
  6. berr22

    berr22 New Member

    Hi Thanks, don't have privacy mask so guess I will have to alter position of cameras just to be sure.
  7. rawsy

    rawsy DW F1 Champ 2010, 14

    I wouldn't worry , it's only if someone complains and if you can demonstrate that you are trying to protect your own property then the worst they can do is ask you to stop filming. It very vague on domestic cctv even the .gov site is guidance. I don't think domestic cctv is governed in itself but as I said you can break the law if you use it to invade privacy. It's about the intent and use of it from what I'm reading.
  8. berr22

    berr22 New Member

    Thanks rawsy , one of my neighbors was trying to lay the law down on my cctv telling me he can get me prosecuted for filming people without their consent , haha if only he knew how little is captured and of very poor quality, cant see jack shit at night he'd keep his mouth shut
  9. copex

    copex Member

    If your CCTV covers a public area you have to compile with the DPA, You need to have a sign to advise you are recording. this is down to an EU directive, see link below :)

    Read here.... >> CCTV | ICO if you are in the uk :)
    Last edited: Oct 7, 2016
  10. berr22

    berr22 New Member

    Thanks, going to move one of them only just see pavement but better move it never know.
  11. rawsy

    rawsy DW F1 Champ 2010, 14

    if you cant adjust the camera without getting something in shot you dont want and dont have a privacy mask, you could just use some insulating tape on the camera cover as a diy privacy mask.
  12. MH

    MH Well-Known Member Staff Member

    Ours covers the road, and some of the neighbours drives, gardens and house fronts.

    I asked them if they had any issues, and showed them the footage.
    They were happy as it may help them and act as a potential deterrent.

    Sent from my D5803 using Tapatalk
  13. berr22

    berr22 New Member

    Cheers M8got them adjusted now so shows my drive and very little else, have you any idea why at night 1 camera is totally white out ?
  14. deckofcards

    deckofcards New Member

    Mine has a view of the driveway, road and entire length of road as I use a Mobotix S15 with fisheye technology. We were burgled a few months back and I couldn't give a toss about rules and regulations, next time a scumbag tries to do the same thing again, (obviously without a hat, hood, mask, etc etc, yes some of them are stupid enough not to bother), at least I have some comeback this time.

    And my neighbours have seen the footage I am caputuring and are more than happy that I am covering their areas also.
  15. madhatter007

    madhatter007 New Member

    You are fine in public area as there is no expectation of privacy.

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  16. rawsy

    rawsy DW F1 Champ 2010, 14

    Is there a bush or something that is close to the camera? The ir light may be bouncing back from something that is too close. I have seen the it light bounce back from the actual dome covering the camera if a shroud hasn't been used. Also a dirty dome can bounce the it light back to.
  17. berr22

    berr22 New Member

    Hi Thanks , no shroud its one of those flat faced dome cameras with about 30 leds, lens and leds are separated but it is mounted under a soffit facing downwards away from soffit, do you think it would be worth removing lens from around leds?
  18. rawsy

    rawsy DW F1 Champ 2010, 14

    I would try it to see if that is the issue, the dome is there to prevent water getting in. I would say a shroud is needed as the ir light could be bouncing off of the dome.
    I fitted an ir cam at the rear of my house a while ago and could not for the life of me figure out why at night I had a white picture . It was because I had left the shroud out.

    I fitted some cameras to one of the in laws houses and the ir bounces off of a bush that is quiet close and it gives a similar effect. More just a really bright picture though.
  19. berr22

    berr22 New Member

    Cheers rawsy will try and find out if theres some kind of shroud to go over camera will let you know if it sorts out problem.
  20. microfan

    microfan New Member

    We have one outside our shop which covers the whole pavement. We have signs up to warn people which I think is advised as it helps satisfy the data protection laws.

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