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  • hi m8.. ive downloaded that modmii to update my wii as you suggested ...i go to computer click on modmii and it comes up with a file at the top saying copy-to-sd ... do i drag and drop the whole file onto sd or do i need to drag and drop whats inside the file seperately .... if i remember wen i done the homebrew i think i had to paste and copy the file ... which do i do m8 or have i done something wrong... any information is appreciated
    Hi mate,
    Glad you took the step to mod your wii and install the hard drive too. No more disks lying around getting scratched and now just download and drag games to hard drive.
    If there is anything at all you need help PM me.
    Hi there, noticed your in Scotland and an experienced member and you seem to know what your talking about. I've had cable for donkeys now first on Analouge then Nokia's, Sagems and Dreamboxes.

    Before i take the plunge with the Kryptview has anyone actually sussed out yet if this method with the Kryptview is a long term thing or just a matter of time before something else bombs it out ?

    Plus I see the going rate for new is about £150 but do you know anyone in the Glasgow area doing it cheaper. Heard through the grapevine that taxi drivers were doing them for £120. I know how to flash them and all that but just wanted to know if its a long term thing ?

    awrite any chance u cud send me the scheme part 3 please i have been tryin 2 get it for ages but it seems impossible

    cheers andrew
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