Other Help - Should I get the Openbox Vs Solovox or Something else


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May 13, 2017
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Hi there,

I currently have the Skybox F5 which is okay as a Sky HD & FreeSat HD receiver with CCCam/IKS service but its getting old and I am looking for a more modern box with a better feel as the EPG doesnt work well on this box which is annoying if you want to know whats on.

I would love to get one of the GigaBlue HD QuadPlus but cannot afford right now so put that on a back burner, I have been looking at the Openbox V9S and SoloVox V9S both under £30 and cannot see much of a difference apart from the MHz are higher on the SoloVox, Has anyone tried these boxes or can they recommend or advise to avoid or suggest another box to have a look at? preferably something under £40 (I could push to £50 if really worth it)?

It needs to have built in Wifi, have 1 or 2 LNB connections as I cannot pick up a signal through an antenna only Sat dish due to the area I am in, I am also looking at keeping my CCCam/IKS feature and HD channels.

Any recommendations would be much appreciated.