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Hi all.

I am new to this satellite lark so please excuse my ignorance.

I live in North london and already have a dbox2.

I have considered purchasing a motorised satelite system, hence my presence on this messageboard.

I have been reading up on threads to get some more background information however this is difficult as i only have net access at work and this MB is a little bit slow to access.

My interests are the usual stuff, football not available on sk* and of course hard core adult movies

It seems to be like the TM100CI is the system to buy. Is this right?

If so, a few more questions.

I see that Digitalb is the channel to get for my footie needs as canal + sport cannot be decrypted?

However in the pubs where footie is available in the UK, they seem to be showing it in a scandanavian channel and an arabic one. Am i correct.

Will a patched TM1500CI give me all these channells or do i have to shell out for additional cards etc.
Do i need aq card for Digialb?

How much should i expect to pay for installation?

Eagerly awaiting reply.


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Aug 10, 2001
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There are all sorts of cards for football- Skandinavian, Italian, Greek, Arabic, Albanian, German, French, Spanish, Polish, Portuguese, etc so you could see any of them in pubs. It all depends on how much they spend, where they buy equipment and how educated they are as to whats on offer at what price etc.

At the moment the Arabic subscription (ART) and the Albanian (DigitAlb) are the cheapest and both have english commentary. This thread may be worth reading-

A tm1500 comes highly recommended, and with a patch it opens many channels as a bonus (including Hardcore xxx), but it will not open Art or DigitAlb at the moment. Nothing is guaranteed with pirate viewing, we have premiership games with french commentary at the moment, and we recently had more premiership games with Spanish commentary, or Polish or Portuguese too, and Canal+ sport or Sky Italy last year etc, but these hacks have been stopped and they come and go with no set time or stability.

Official cards like Art and DigitAlb are so cheap that its not worth considering an unstable hack or pirate card, 70quid or 100quid for 6months is fantastic value especially with the footy, films and xxx that you get on DigitAlb or the 7 premiership games on Art every weekend plus champions league and more etc.

As for price i'd say you would pay about 200 ~ 250 quid for motorised installation plus cost of equipment, so maybe 500 tops. But you dont have to go 'motorised' if you want to cut back costs, or you could do some DIY to cut back too. Motorised just gives more choice :).


Thanks for your prompt reply.
I have a few more questions.

What encrption can a patched TM break without additional cards? TPs, cryptoworks, viaacess etc...
I have found this site
what channels will i get without buying a card. I understand these channels will come and go.

Also the other thread mentions TPS,TV8 which i presume is a turkish channel that shows some football live.

It is just that i have a patched box2 so i have to financially justify the outlay to myself as i can download xxx off the net and i already have quite alot for free.

I am pretty proficient with computers (windows not linux although i can easily brush up on the commands) and i am not bad with DIY.
How difficult would it be to install the satellite system manually and how long will it take etc........

To be honest, spending £500 on a system as well as £200 a year on cards does not appeal to me to be honest.

I guess you guys get these types of questions on a dailly basis but it is daunting for a newbie as it is pretty technical stuff and easy to understand and i don't want to shell out this type of cash without knowing exactly what to expect for my outlay.


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Mar 25, 2005
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Sport TV / TPS / TV8 Turkey at the moment & waiting for footy feeds. Sport TV is portuguese, TPS is French.


So what you are saying is that as long is i don't mind non-english commentary a cracked TM1500CI is all i need.

In some places i see a 1500CI super is being mentioned, is that a new and improved model and should i purchase that instead?

What tols should i get if i want to do a self install.

I guess with a motorised dish, you need to line it up with a reference satellite (thor) and then it will go off and find all the other satellites?