Help Dumping MHEG File



I have tried doing the MHEG dump as described by Nick [D]vb on this thread ( but i can not seem to get it to work.

I am using DC-DVB 0.15 with a Kworld DVB-T 100 PCI card. I have succeeded in scanning the channels and saving the .DVB file. I have tried using both zoom player and media player clasic (MPC) as the direct show media player but neither of them show anything when opening the DVB file.

I also tried opening the DVB file using media player 9 and i get the list of channels down the right hand side but still ablank screen, when switching channels it tells me what is on each channel but does not show anything.

Does anyone have any idea what i am doing wrong ??

Do i need to change any settings in media player ??


I managed to get it sorted.
I changed the video decoder in the channel scan program from the default (sonic cinemaster DS video decoder) to Elecard MPEG2 video decoder. I then saved the DVB file again.

It now works in both MPC & Zoomplayer.

I will just have to wait until 11pm to find out if I can dump the MHEG file.