Flash9 installation problem; HELP PLEASE


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Jan 26, 2002
Hi, I subscribe to MOnkey Mag, every time I click on link from my mail when it's delivered, it asks me to install latest Flash 9 to be able to view the mag, I am redirected to Adobe site wher I click to install latest flash player, I then receive message saying "installed sucessfully" and when I refresh page, nothing happens, and even after re boot up and starting mail again, I am told the same thing as though Flash was never installed and have to do it all again and STILL can't view the damn thing !!!
How do I check if Flash9 is installed, and if it's not, how can I make it install??
(this happened again yesterday with something totally unrelated to the mag, so I really think that for some reason, even though it is saying sucessful, I don't think it is installing) : multi :