Fake PayPal Security eMail


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Mar 26, 2005
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I got this email a couple of days ago, looks very dodgy, the whole email was 1 image and the image was at a crap quality. this has already been posted but just to say that The fake site has now been CLOSED
Got a few similar ones supposedly from ebay. They were all one image too. Probably from the same source.
One will close, and another will open. feckers :mad:
The Bard said:
Got a few similar ones supposedly from ebay.

I got an eBay one in September saying my account had been suspended as it had been used fradulently or something like that. It looked quite convincing and had the eBay buttons etc. Follow this link to continue which probably would have asked me to log in.

It was in a Hotmail account that I had never registered with eBay.
I have had a few of these emails saying 'click on the link to update your details as your account is about to expire' they are spoofs. I rang them about this, which confirmed this was a spoof email and they advised the following:
Never click on any link, this confirms to them that is your email address,
Once you have registered with paypal and ebay, they will never ask you your personnel details or account details ever again,
Always forward the emails to: [email protected] or [email protected] and they will investigate them.
Hope this helps a few of you out there that receive them.
that it was happened to me good job u posted it as a scam, iwas going to follow the link :Boo: