DiamondMax 300GB £66.92

Cheers Rat I just ordered 2 :proud:

Suprised how quick they fill up with 10mb B/B and Giga news : shocked2
if you ordered two then make a raid setup and if any of the hdd goes down buy a new one your machine would still have all the files!

realy nice cheap price thanks :Clap:
nice price its damn cheap.
gonna buy one.
that is a very good price rat

it is a shame its a maxtor drive..

imho they are singly the worst drives for reliability god knows how many ive changed in the last 6 months ( they have been 40 and 80G ide ) , 1 of our main customers upgraded to hp/compaq machines late last year and many of the drives are failing (all under warranty) hp sending us wd drives as replacements.