Confused about 2.60 firmware


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Aug 16, 2005
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Hi all
1st off this is my first time doing this so bear with me
Ive just repaired 2 psp consoles i got
So i dont want to make them bricked again
The 1st is 2.60 firmware
Which after some confusing reading
I thought i would check 1st
For this i believe i have to upgrade to 2.71
Then i get a little confused
I have found what i think is the right files in download sec by MickieD
so once ive done that do i downgrade to 1.5 or what?
Once ive done this 1 then have to find out what to do with a 1.52
Which i believe is upgrade to 2.0 then down to 1.5
Oh and by the way neither is a TA082 motherboard
Cheers for the help in advance
u could make life a bit simpler by getting 2.71 eboot and upgrade ur 1.52 version then u can do both down to 1.50 ( which wud be easier for u cos once u`ve done 1 2nd is a doddle) then ther is an easy installer to take both str8 up to 3.10 in the download section m8

link for 2.71 eboot file just create a folder in GAME call it UPDATE then go to mem stick and up date from ther and u shud be at 2.71 ok

link for easy downgrader for 2.71 to 1.50

last but not least 1.50 to 3.10 + update as well

they are all pretty easy to do m8 all easy installers just click psp to pc click on easy installer select drive and away you go it is best to fromat mem card b4 after each up/downgrade other wise you have a lot of folder u don`t need ok
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For the 2.6 PSP use this downgrader which will take you to 1.5. Then just upgrade to whatever custom firmware you want...Altho I'd recommend 3.10

For the 1.52 PSP you will need to update to 2.0 using this EBOOT and then use this file to downdate to 1.5...Again then you can upgrade to whatever custom firmware you like...
Hi again
Cheers for the info and conformation
I thought that was chat i needed to do
But its better to check 1st
DEE747 yours sounds easier
So ill go with that
Just have to wait for the new duo card to arrive
Ive only got a 16mb at the mom