VU+ Solo Cloud Ibox..Plug ins that actually work..Card Reader Removal..Extra Vents..Nand


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Jun 2, 2009
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Not sure if this should be under downloads or not..

After spending all weekend fiddling around with my Ibox ive got about 5 plug ins that actually helped me get a fully working system.

This is all based on you know how to at least set the box to 28.2E

Ive got working versions of rats bouquet<<<<had trouble getting this to work first of all with different versions but this is the latest and it works flawlessly.
again rats picon updater. This always worked but thought it good to add.

Ts panel 7.0............just install and update to the latest version. you can also use this to add cams etc.Oh and if want to add TS media you can.

Ferrari add ons manager. Again had trouble finding one that worked, this one of course does. Again you can add cams and more importantly GP backup which once you have your working system is very important.

Clear mem is also there but i couldnt work out how to get rid of the OSD notification bit.

Rat's Picon Plugin

Rat's Bouquet Plugin




Ive removed my card reader and shorted out pins 5+6 with a HDD jumper otherwise the box crashes. I also crudely added about 4 times the amount of ventalation to the box just by drilling through the removable cover.

Next is to add a more efficient fan such as this..

Mini Kaze, 40mm x 10mm Quiet Cooling Fan

Im just worried the depth of it might be to much but if so ill adjust the cover accordingly.


Ive read various comments regarding writing to the nand ie picons and cross epg data. Surely the life time of the box will be long gone before the nand is worn out by constant read/writing??

at the moment ive got 2 usb sticks on the side.

Im also running a old version of VIX but it seems rock stable. I tried the newer one but i couldnt get the option with in the EPG to reload data on boot. This is important as my box is always off at night.
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Nice one Gavin :)

better off in downloads and then link to them :) external links have a tendency to disappear over time
There a plugin called xlmtv for 28.2 can in extensions
Nice one Gavin :)

better off in downloads and then link to them :) external links have a tendency to disappear over time

Unlikely to mate as it's mine lol

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