car scraped by neighbour


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Oct 12, 2005
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a guy just scraped my girls car and at least come and told her , now as it has never happened to us before what do you suggest we do?
go through insurance r try settle it privately?

i think the guy asked her what she wants to do about it

many thanks for any advice
It depends on a number of things, how bad the scrape is, how old the car is, what the excess is on his insurance etc etc.

The best thing might be for her to get a quote from her garage and then tell him how much it is, and ask him whether he wants to pay or claim it from his insurance.
If you are friends with this guy, get a quote and see if he wants to pay for it.
yup....get a quote and give to the guy,,he either settles it or it goes through the insurance from his side:Clap:...hope ye get it sorted mate
whatever you decide, phone YOUR insurance and explain whats happened, then if in the near future he refuses to pay up, you have a record of it elsewhere, otherwise he could say he knows nothing about it
Once you have called your insurance, it will always be on yours and his record even if decided to pay for it, in fact I don't think he will be able to pay for it once its with the insurance company.

As I said, it depends on how well you know this guy in order to decide if he is going to turn around and deny his guilt once the bill turns up.
I'm not sure i agree with that digi, somebody ran into the back of my car before, and when they refused to pay my insurance gave me a terrible time over my no claims bonus. I ended up having to take the guy to the small claims court before he admitted liability.

It really depends on how bad the scrape is before you involve your insurance. And tbh, i think if he is a neighbour and came and admitted it to you in the first place, i would say he will pay.
Ask him what he wants to do - say claim on his insurance or pay for the work to be done himself.

You can tell your insurers, they will note it on your account but as long as you don't make a claim it doesn't matter.
thanks for the replies guys , i hae just spoken with him and he prefrs not to go thru the insurance.
i said id get a quote and we will work it out , just dont want to leave it and the car rusts ect or decreases in value.
may be able to get someone blow it in for me for small fee
sorry digidude but i have to agree with oneman. i know a few people in insurance and if you tell them something has happened it counts as a claim whether you intend to claim or not. they have advised that if something happens and you wish to find out where you stand then pose it as a 'what if?' question and dont deviate from that