Blank Channels


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Aug 18, 2005
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First problem is what is the ird number, I read the nagra serial number from the engineers menu but that is 12 numbers long and doesnt tie in with the ird given in SDT which is 8 and has letters in it also.

I think I am rom 11 but how do i tell?

I programmed a funcard but I am only getting a few channels like bbc2 etc...
I used rst hex to gen a flash file and have tried numerous files such as binROM11B04-C&W.bin but to no avail. I am in an ex-c&w area, i think thats the correct bin file?

I tried to follow differant tuts but I must be going wrong somewhere??
to find out if you have got a rom 11 is put it in the phoenix programmer and load up negra edit, and then click on reset card which is the green 1 button and when it all appers, look at rom rivision and that will tell you what card you are using
right this is annoying, I have got the correct ird and boxkey, to get the box key i had to un-update my software and read it with ocd. and the ird starts 3e, I have created hex files with rst with those numbers and found the latest c&w hex for the inteeprom. I have programmed the card etc... but it is still getting blank channels. In the engineers menu it says 'please wait' in the smart card status bit. To get the channels do i have to wait for it to pick them up? Or do i have to start the box in eng mode? It should be working shouldnt it??
make sure you are putting the IRD no. in right, if your IRD No. is 3E 12 34 56 you need to programme the card 56 34 12 3E on rom 10 and 11, try that and see