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Advice needed-path to take for Domestic Certification


New Member
May 31, 2015
Can please someone guide me to the best route to take for to be able to Certify Domestic Electrical Insulation. I have over the past 30 years done number of domestic rewiring in my own properties and had to get someone to certify the insulation, which was not always easy. I am apprentice trained Mechanical Engineer and spent over 25 years in the industry until it all disappeared thanks to our leaders. I retrained myself and for past few years I run a Mobile phone and PC repairs business. The business is not as good as it used be, every bright spark thinks they can do the repairs.

4 years ago I did part P examination and I was "considered" a competent person, but since the change in the law last year I have to be able to test the Insulation to be considered a competent person :Boo:. My interest is basically to do Testing on a part time basis I need the experience in testing more than Installation. Can any one suggest any course which is not too costly and will give me required experience. I am even willing to work for free if someone will give me the chance to learn testing technique.

Sorry for the long post