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Sep 25, 2001
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miles away
i have just bought (cheep) a nokia box i have tried several images all with same results,and that is i can get all channels apart from all bbc channels,these just break up,get squarking birds,like knackered tuner does but everything else is perfect,anyone come across this ,cheers:Cheers:
Sounds like a weak signal on the transponders that the BBC transmit on.

Check/replace your cables as they may have a high attenuation at those particular frequencies. Also try connecting straight into the cable outlet rather than going through any splitters etc.

If that fails then it may just be that the transponder is weak to your location. You could try a signal booster.

It may also be that you have the opposite problem - the signal is too strong at those frequencies and is swamping your tuner. In this case you may need to fit an attenuater.
i have a box with the exact same problem, been mucking about with it for over a week and still no solution. I posted a thread for this a couple of days ago have alook there and you might find something of use. if you find a fix let me know
hi m8
i have another box i have tried and works ok i have a booster permenent in line ,tomorrow i will take it out,put attenuater in line see what happens,never thought of swamping tuner ,thanks for sugestions,will post again when i have tried them out