7020 has stopped powering up my lnb

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Jan 3, 2010
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I recently left my 7020 on for a couple of days without the satellite cable plugged into it.

When I did re-attach the cable I was getting a no signal messge on the screen (dish was pointing in the right direction). I have a green led that lights up on my dish when there is power going to the lnb and this doesn't come on when the 7020 is plugged in.

I have tried a couple of other boxes and they both power it up.

I have tried a couple of different images too to no avail. The box works fine as server and can connect to it through my network no problems.

What could have happened, knackered tuner maybe?
check the connections m8, could be a knackered tuner, also look for signs of swelling capacitors in the power supply board
Ok been quite busy but tonight decided I had to get on with fixing this.

Here are some photos, everything felt quite tight to me but perhaps one of you eagle eyed people will spot something



nbothing jumps out as obvious from those pics m8, but, i have a 7020 PSU thats never worked from new, it was one of the first clone receivers, and ive rebuilt it, sometimes it works, most of the time it dont, but it is the power supply

check all the voltages coming out with a multimeter. blast it with a hair dryer for 10 mins, then power up and see if it works
It is deffo not a clone as I got it from satstore.

where do I stick the voltage meter exactly?
i have a dm7020 its ok its no good at turning a motor and the lan is soo slow and annoying i be glad to get rid of it for a vu plus my tehnomate 1000 is more reliable.
Well I found it excellent till this problem.

Spoke to Mark at Satstore and he reckons I may have blown the tuner when I plugged in the coax as the receiver was powered on at the time