4001 not getting signal


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Mar 18, 2005
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Hi guys, i have a 4001n its stays on tune, if i force boot it goes to channel 0 channels unavailable ect, just tried different cim still doing same, in engineers menu it isnt getting a signal at all.

any ideas ?

pulled red jumper no change

yep definatly live, isnt connected atm so dont know about tstream thing , bit there was nothing in the snr 0db, and in dvb or whatever it was saying not connected
I had the same problem with one out of 2 box's and only got into the engineers menu once and when i did it sayed the same no signel. The problem was the f plug going to the tin can that you cut the tarkback in re worked the f plug back to the mothor bourd got in menu and it said signel poor come out and it whent into its download and after 10 minits all come on magic.
Hope this helps you, have a look m8.