Another Review of Technomate Tm-Nano SE.


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Apr 23, 2010
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Review of Technomate Tm-Nano SE.

Connect to 1m Funke dish with tm2300 motor and smart tit. Lnb.

Box hard wired to my internet connection via ethernet.

Delivery of my TM-Nano SE came in a very timely manner with 24 hours or despatch via DPD transport which excelled beyond my expectations. The packaging was well wrapped in black shrink rap and surrounded in bubble rap.

On opening the packing the box that I received seemed bigger than expected for a box that was supposed to be so small. The box is very brightly decorated with everything you can expect from the box and with a logo showing that it is built in Korea.

Once into the box I find that what I thought was going to be a biggish box turned to be what I expected and maybe smaller, having an external power supply that comes with a standard up 3 pin plug, remote, batteries HDMI lead and and IR extension lead and a nice manual left just the box wrapped in a smooth cover to protect it. Taking the cover off you get the see the little beauty. Meeting you is a brushed alum front with what looks like a all black steel case. Handling the box you get a feeling of quality.

Quickly removing my trusted old faithfull TM-Twin OE from it's pride of place under the TV I put the Nano on top of the Twin to show just how different in size the two are. See photos below.

Getting the box up and running took a matter of only minutes if you are aware of how an E2 box works. This box comes pre flashed with a Vix image and was set of a single dish pointing at 28.2e. Something new to me was being asked at the set up point of was did I want to download and install CCCam. I have never seen this in the start up menu before.

Going through the set up menu I changed the settings to control a motorised dish and decided to scan later. I ran through what remained of the set up menu choosing to use DCHP to control my IP address ect. After the finishing the set up menu I quickly downloading a new motorised settings list from the plugins menu and set the first channels as BBC News on 0.8 Thor. I have already parked the dish there just in case of errors but low and behold no issues at all and the picture quickly appeared.

Not being so keep on the vix images in general as I find the audio always to be every so slightly out of sync I decided to quickly change the image that came on the box. Here is where people with big stubby fingers as I have will find the box being so small a nit difficult. I downloaded a new image and put it onto a 4gb usb stick and tried to put it into back, yes it will go but after putting the first one in I decided to use a usb male to female extension patch lead. Choice of images at present is resticted to Vix, OpenATV and 4D. Downloading the image and then extracting to the usb stick then I turned the box off via the plug and put the flash drive into the patch lead, turning the box back on via the plug a nice bright solar image appeared saying new firmware detected and please press power button. Now for me on my first go this option did not last long and the box continued on to boot into the original image of vix. 2nd attempt and no issues on pressing the power button the box went to flash. It does say in the manual at the end of flashing to remove the usb stick and power on and off although I have found that box box actually reboots and launches into the new image.

Image of choice for me at present is the 4D images I tried Vix, OpenATV and 4D. 4D has everything I need and is what I am familiar with.

After Setting up the basics of the 4D image, I inserted a 32gb usb stick, rebooted the box and low and behold the stick was found as the HDD. This has now been updated to a 128gb usb 2 flash drive and same result.

Next I went on to plugins. I have downloaded Tsmedia direct from the plugins menu as well as the softcam key downloader. Rebooted the box and both plugins appeared. I did an update of the Tsmedia plugin to the latest version and rebooted again. I also installed tspanel from an IPK package I already had by sending the IPK package over to the temp file via DCC and installed that way, then rebooted. One of the major things I noticed, if you reboot and install plugins as often as I do, is how fast this box really is. A reboot usually under 10 seconds I would guess.

All plugins are working fine and after spending a little bit of time setting up tsmedia with the correct proxies. Primewire, Icefilm, and Watchtv all working fine and able to download direct onto the usb stick. The plugins seem to be working faster and more reliable on the Nano SE than on the Twin.

Card slot, unlike the TM-Twin where the card is read chip facing up the Nano SE is chip facing down. Testing with a now working Gamma card and the correct configs Cccam. 2.2.1 would not clear the channels on 39e but by changing to the Cccam that is already installed on the box after flashing the channels burst into life. Good one card reader working fine.

Media player. One major issue I found on the Twin which has now been resolved is that any files downloaded from online sources. if you wanted to pause the file in either media player or a plugin such as easy media, the picture would pause but the counter would still keep rising therefore resuming the file would mean missing some of the movie/tv program (no issues with recorded files).

Epg button brings up a working 7 day epg and recording is as simple as pushing the green button on the remote and calling the file whatever you want. Whilst recording going back into the channel list will allow you to view other channels on the same transponder and all other channels are nicely grayed out and the ones available to watch are in bright white. Putting the box into standby will give two red LEDs, one for standby and one for recording.

This box has only been with me for little over 72 hours and much more testing is needed, but at present you have a great little box ideal for where space is an issue or a great box for in the bedroom where it would fit nicely under a TV. Great value box that is nice and stable.


Very small box, nicely made with a feel of quality. Nice and stable and very good value for money.


Power button missing, no LCD screen, very bright LED's on the front.


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