24LC1024 chip... help


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Feb 1, 2007
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s wales
HI guys

removed the atmel 24lc104 chip... aint got a programmer .......tried get some chips from maplins no joy....... any ideas for supplier or recommmend a programmer for the chip........ cheers: multi : : multi : : multi : : multi :
2110?? am sure you cant reprog these,only re-fit replacements.Could be wrong though.
PM Bammy sure he bought these chips before.
thats write it's a samsung 2110c and i know lost of people have done these boxes and removed the chip ...........but i am looking for a supplier of the chips maplins dont stock this micro controller........ i was wonder could i use a 1MB PIC chip something like the 12509a surface mount.or something similar..... if not how are people reading this chip????? can anyone recommend a programmer to buy........
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any chance of sharing some........Lol....... well i didnt think the hardest part would be sorting the chip out i must say.......... can you recommend me a supplier or a programmer please?
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didnt think these needed blanking if u use the atmega netid fun as i know for a fact u dont on the tv drives
is this correct?...... i am i wasting money by buying the chips..... can the net id be updated by the fun card method only and have you had success with this model 2110.................... i can't try because i have already removed the chip and waiting for the replacement can anyone confirm this?

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when you put a new chip(blank) the net id and pin will all go to default. You can then go into eng. menu and set the pin and change the frequency.if you are in pure ntl then the net id will change auto but in cw you may need to set it with funcard but not 100% sure on that.

Does anyone know if you do actually need a new chip or can these be updated by the funcard method??

I've just got a 2110 from a different area and just wanna know if I actually need to replace the chip....
So any ideas with regards to if you actually need a new chip...

Also does anyone have a tut/guide for removing and replacing the chip?
i think if the net id has been changed twice then You will need a new chip or erase the old one.

So as long as the box has only ever been used in one area prior to me getting it the Netid will update to may area?
hi guys got my chip from farnell put it in guess what?............... the box is blank... nothing.... dead............. i done a clean installation with the chip.......cant see any problems else where..... didnt check it from ebay because they said all working fine .got a feeling it was dead on arrival... lol....... nevermind i think i stick to the 2100s there much less hassle......: multi : : multi : : multi : : multi :
if the chip is not on right or is wrong way around then you will get the red light come on on the on/off switch. I would recheck the chip and put extra solder on it.

thanks thats what im getting..... but as i took the chip off part of the track came off with it so im gonna try and wire it in if theres enough track to solder to.............. let you know how i get on.......
thanks guys for your help much appericated : thanks :