1. fus10n

    Amazon and worldwide customers

    Hi Guys, Am i alone in thinking that Amazon should be a bit more honest with seller locations? Take for example a gift. I put it on my wishlist and some has bought it. We never realised it was from China, so the expected delivery date is 3rd of jan. Not great that the item is for...
  2. Grimeire

    Amazon Fire TV AMAZON Fire TV Stick vs alternatives

    Hey guys, Im going to invest in an android box for streaming/plex. From being on the forum i notice a lot of people recommend the fire stick and i can see why they are dirt cheap. but i have a few questions. 1. Im curious are these sluggish as they dont seem to be very powerful from looking...
  3. Mick

    IFTTT integration and Home Automation

    Has any of you used IFTTT (IF THAT THEN THIS)? It is coding and its basic form. Currently IFTTT is being integrated all over the place, and being adopted by browsers, products, apps, phones, services, to name a few. Using basic IFTTT recipes we can control our computers, phones, Amazon...
  4. Rat

    Alexa Amazon Echo/Dot Chat

    I thought I'd make a thread for those who have and are interested in the Amazon Echo/Dot Share your tips, hacks, skills etc. :) I've only had mine a couple of days and slowly getting used to talking to a speaker lol Loving the calendar, I add all my jobs that come in and dates I need...