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Thread: Do LCD TV's make good monitors ?

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    Do LCD TV's make good monitors ?

    Basically I need a new monitor for my pc, but then i also need a new tv in my room for my xbox. Now i was thinking save money get a LCD tv which can also be used as a monitor. But i have been reading they make poor monitors, unless you get one with a good resolution and dont have your pc on a higher res than that. Basically i dont have a clue, and was wondering if somebody did who could help !

    Thanks alot.

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    Re: Do LCD TV's make good monitors ?

    If you are using for XBox and PC, why not get a LCD monitor with 2 inputs, one DVI and one VGA. You can then hook up your xbox via a VGA connection and your PC can use the DVI connection either via a DVI cable from your PC if your PC has a graphics card with DVI connector or you can get an adapter that will convert the DVI connector on the monitor to a VGA input.

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    Re: Do LCD TV's make good monitors ?

    With LCD/TFT you shouldn't set the resolution to higher than the native of the screen. There is no consitency in what happens; for lower resolutions the image could be upscaled, under scanned or not displayed. For higher resolutions the image could be downscaled, over scanned or again not displayed.

    Depending on what size you want have you thought about buying a monitor and DVB stick/card for the PC?

    But the big question is how close to it do you intend sitting?

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    Re: Do LCD TV's make good monitors ?

    i've had a pc and lappy connected to a 26"and 37" lcd tv via vga and the picture is excellent, crisrp, sharp and very bright.
    a cable from sound card to tv for sound if needed and wireless mouse/keyboard and away you go.
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    Re: Do LCD TV's make good monitors ?

    Lcd Tv's are lower res than monitors eg

    The best HD tv you can get is 1900 x 1080 (1080p as they call it)
    A 24" monitor has a normal res of 1900 x 1200

    the res is always lower, also dont worry about setting the res too high, you cant, the monitor wont let you ad neither will the OS

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    Re: Do LCD TV's make good monitors ?

    i use my 37" LCD as a monitor more than i use it as a telly, and i find it fine


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    Re: Do LCD TV's make good monitors ?

    i have my pc connect with an LCD tv and i think its a good choise

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