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    newbie with silvercrest sl65

    Hi all, I joined this site because I bought a silvercrest sl65 satellite receiver without remote at a car boot sale for 1, yeah 1....a bargain! I thought it was a terrestial freeview receiver & intended it for my Mum's caravan.

    I didnt even know that satellite freeview receivers existed & since I live in a strange area in the middle of a city centre which cannot receive terrestial channels (analogue or digital) without a ridiculous 8 ft aerial on top of the building this has turned out to be potentially my ideal solution. A friend has donated a dish & lnb and the box works! However the 'free to air' channels such as E4, Film4 etc etc are scrambled so I'm thinking I may possibly have a box with out of date firmware so I've joined this site. Unfortunately it seems I cannot download any help files without making at least 20 posts & waiting 10 days, so I thought I'd make a start. Unless of course someone will be kind enough to email me the relevant files.

    Also does anyone know where I can find a remote that will work with this box, I've looked on ebay but no luck. Perhaps someone with a dead box would like to sell theirs?

    Oh well here goes!

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    Just to let you know that E4 & Film 4 are NOT free to air. You can see what is and is not FTA at h**p:// These receivers were sold at Lidl for about 45 or 70. I dont know if any universal remote will work with it.

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