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  • Hi, I have got TM 800 about 3days ago, but I am new for this receiver and I need to set it, so what I need to know how many file I have to put in there and if you don't mind where I can get this file? or what I have to do for first user? I have put 21tm800upd file only.
    My receiver inf is:-
    Front proseccor ver: 1.0.1
    Detected RCU:ver 2.0
    Detected NIMs:
    Tuner A: Sharp BS2F7VZ0169(DVB-S2)
    Detected HDD:
    Rear: None
    hi bud could you give me some advice please! im trying to get set up with the satalite system to recieve the 3 ocliock footy but havent a clue what to purchase and what its likely to cost ! any info would be appreciated m8 thank you
    hi albert here could help me please i have a spiderbox 9000hd losing channals how do you get a patch and apply it with a usb stick
    Hi, I bought a 2nd hard Dreambox 500s off ebay and keen to get a motorized dish installed. Can you recommend what I need such as make and size of the dish and what kind of mortor etc. Perhaps you can give me a quote for the installation and price of parts as well via PM. I live about in East London, about 20-25 minutes away from Romford.
    Hi m8, am new to this forum, i have DM500 box, but i was not getting some channels so i went for a factory reset , now, i dont have images at all! can u offer some advice please!
    no not heard about that m8 but ive got the fix for ex c/w 5.7 and i am selling it for £30 if u needit m8 let me know. And keep ur credit card details hand as payment will be taken out of ur card. thankyou. do let me know.
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