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    Burner Max Payload

    hi guys my ihas 124b died on me a few weeks back. I have a pioneer 219l which I think is compatible with burner max, when I loaded burner max and enabled it imgburn shows my verbatim disc as an 8.7gb disc in the drive which is cool., tried to burn wwe13 which look successful but it loads and lets you set up the game and crashes when loading the first fight. could it be a bad burn? or the drive not working with burnermax?

    I know the game iso is good as I burned a copy for my brother a while back with my ihas

    Also read something about if you cant enable hypertuning or access the liteon advanced settings in imgburn then chances are the burner wont work but that was may 2011 so not sure if this is still the same.

    Any info would be greatly appreciated or if anyone knows if this drive works or not.

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    Re: Burner Max Payload

    hunt down for newer version

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