[SX OS] Yet Another Great Update By Team-Xecuter SX Save Manager v1.1


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May 2, 2005
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The Moon

Developers at Team-Xecuter are back and this time with nice update to their SX Save Manager, with the newly released v1.1 version, you can even backup/restore BCAT data, which is very handy for all those playing Animal Crossing

First we want to thank all SX OS users who also added SX Save Manager to their SX library for the feedback they sent us. It helps us greatly improves our products. So here is our first update, which mainly focus on correcting small bugs and make it what we think is a pretty stable version that all of you can enjoy without worries.


  • Fixed two simple but easy to miss bugs that caused many users to crash if they had over 30 titles or corrupt games installed. We apologize for any inconveniences caused by this.
  • Added a settings menu
  • Added option to hide device saves
  • Added support for BCAT data
  • Changed "Export or import" text to "Backup or restore" to avoid confusion
  • Added fast scrolling using the left analogue stick
  • Sort mode is now saved instead of defaulting on launch
  • The UI's game name text now also includes the save type for all types
  • SX Save Manager is now hidden in the list
  • Removed DNS override (this app only, not system wide) to increase compatibility
  • Added option to back up all data to the SD card
  • Added option to use custom file names
  • Many small improvements to increase stability
More to come in the future as we keep on pushing further the limits of your beloved Switch console !