[SX OS] Team-Xecuter Presents SX Save Manager v1.0


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May 2, 2005
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The Moon
Another day, another release by our friends from Team-Xecuter

You like the fact that Nintendo offers 'cloud saves', but you hate that you need to pay monthly, and it only works with some games, well no longer do you have to worry, as TX is here to save the day and your gaming world, as now you can backup everything and everywhere for FREE.

This time TX is happy to bring you SX Save Manager, a friendly yet very useful tool to manage your game saves and keep them safe! You requested it, TX delivers.


  • Back up your saves files to your SD Card or Google Drive
  • Restore save files from your SD Card or Google Drive
  • Views extended games stats in more detail than Nintendo gives by selecting a game and pressing Y (also works on accounts that are not linked to a NNID)
  • View the SXSM game ID from the game selection menu
  • Backed up save files have the date and time in the name
  • A familiar UI similar to SX Dumper
Extended stats include:

  • Total time spent in game
  • Average play session time
  • First time you launched the game
  • Last time you launched the game