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Dec 17, 2005
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when l secure my router ie wep or wap it, the connection speed is crap . when l open it again back to normal .. any ideas why

cheers all
According to this (page 9) the problem may be due to a lack of processing power.

Maybe try closing down any applications that are running in the background and see if that helps.


Found this too

Q2 : How do I enable Encryption on my Airolinks wireless products?
A2 : For WLAN clients, you can enable WEP Encryption in the monitor tool to connect to WEP enabled Access Point or Wireless Router. You can enable WEP Encryption of Access Point or Wireless Router in the Administration page.

WEP and Speed
WEP will slow down your wireless network. Expect a 20-50% reduction in speed depending on the products you are using. The speed issue is the result of the added overhead to the data packets.

Encryption keys
Encryption comes in 64-bit and 128-bit key varieties. All your nodes must be at the same encryption level with the same key to operate. 40-bit and 64-bit encryption is the same thing; it's just a matter of how the manufacturer decided to label the product.

Q3 : What is WEP?
A3 : WEP stands for Wired Equivalent Privacy . It is based on the IEEE 802.11 standard and uses the RC4 encryption algorithm. Enabling WEP allows you to increase security by encrypting data being transferred over your wireless network.

When WEP encryption is enabled, there are two options: 64-bit and 128-bit. 64-bit is the same as 40-bit WEP. The lower level of WEP encryption uses a 40-bit (10 character) "secret key" (set by the user), and a 24-bit "initialization vector" (not under user control). So lower level 40-bit and 64-bit WEP cards are equivalent in encryption strength and compatibility.

Maybe try using a lower level of encryption to save on some processing and packet size.
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interesting read cheers ..

WEP and Speed
WEP ‘WILL’ slow down your wireless network. Expect a 20-50% reduction in speed depending
on the products you are using. The speed issue is often the result of an access point without
enough processing power.
Well i decided that everything was to complicated so my security is this
when im online if anyone connects to wireless i can kick em off , but when i go off line i just unplug power lead so no wireless connectivity is available.
after reading various news report it seems i am responsable for whatever stuff is downloaded using my wireless connection,thats wether i authourised the link or not so im goona have a look inside the router and see if disconnecting the ariel will killl the wireless link,i only want a wired link to 2 computers anyway.
just cut ariel wire and took ariel off,my comp works still but will have to wait for daughters laptop to check wireless connection
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not sure if this would work for you but on your router setup page can you not just activate ip filtering, that way you reg your ip then it,ll not allow others to connect, i have both the filter and wep setup on mine. am not at home at the moment or i would have tried just the ip filtering without the encryption switched on to see if it worked. just an idea. jon
Best to use MAC address filtering.
'Kicking off' another user on wireless is not that simple. Depending upon what they are doing, you may not even know they are there.....
Security i.e. WPA (not wep) is there for a reason, and if it slows everything down then best to upgrade.
Most wireless routers that I have used have an option to turn off the radio link so removing aerial should not be necessary.