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Dec 3, 2012
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i got a unifi AP from ebay that was sold as new but when i got it it clearly was not as it had paint on it and was dirty.

I contacted seller and they agreed to £25 refund which i agreed was fair. since then the seller has not replied to any of my emails and i can not send it back as i am based in ireland and paid for another courier to bring it to ireland and had to pay import charges on it. If i send it back ill be down best part of €50 for courier fees from UK -> ireland, import and courier fees back.

I stupidly never used paypal when buying. Do i have any options here as when i go to ebay there is no option to complain it anything. Unless i am missing something.

Should i leave bad feedback or what should i do here.
Goto your ebay account, then cilck onto my ebay then select help and you should see need help with your recent orders
Did he agree the £25 via ebay messages?
If the item is not as described you can open a case.
Ebay usualy favour the buyer, but im not sure how you will get on with not paying through paypal.
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It's certainly easier to get your money back if you paid by Paypal, but you can still open an "Item not as described" dispute. It's fairly straightforward so I'm surprised at you saying that there's no option to complain. emotions11.gif
If they have offered a refund and Ebay can see it in 'messages' then Ebay will make them honour the offer (I think!!)
Thanks all. A week since I last heard from the seller and just got a measage I'm getting £25 refund from ebay from my bank.

Yes he said it in ebay messages. I think I was fair in asking for the £25 as that was the difference in cost I noticed between new which is why he agreed.

This is the worst thing about eBay for Irish buyers since Brexit. You can't really send stuff back as it's so costly

Ther is no option on the item to open a dispute/report issue. Only option I have is to return, contact seller and add feedback.
I had similar with a Simba mattress eBay agreed to refund never did there was some techy reason but I couldn't claim through eBay so I just went directly into my PayPal and opened a dispute. You need the details and item number and eventually I got paid even though eBay said I wouldn't.

Just go straight into your PayPal do it there send them why and pictures and them agreeing to pay the £25