Win XP - Blue Screen Error Messages - Where the Log?



I am having some kind of problem with my PC.

When i am using it after a while, sometimes short or sometimes it can take hours, i get a Blue Error message screen. The screen flashes on before it shuts down, i can not read what it says.

I caught one glimpse of the word memory, so i bought new ram - not fixed it.

Is there anywhere where it stores these error messages?? I think i will be able to fix the problem..... if i knew what it was! ;-(

I think it may have something to do with downloading on bearshare?? Not sure tough, never been a problem before??


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Jul 12, 2001
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it does store it but only if u have set it up to do so

go to start\control pannel\system\advanced\startup & recovery

it will give directory where dump is put prob %SystemRoot%\Minidump as this is default.

u could untick auto restart this should give u time to read failure (good luck) most of what is there is register and offset info to enable debugging.

best thing is to get 5 sets for fail numbers in the brackets after error, jot that down and put into google first and see what it comes up with if not much then punch into h**p://

let us know how u get on ?