which opos card?


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Mar 20, 2005
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co. antrim
bin readin different posts and thinkin of orderin opos card, but which type? 1.03 1.04 or 1.05 or does it matter?
can 1 type be 'upgraded' to another?

pure n*l area , pace 4001 box

1.03 can be upgraded to 1.04 mate and will do the job nicely for now .
try satstore.co.uk . seen them for £15 wether they have them in stock or not or if they deliver ok i cant tell you as ive not used them for cards .
why not stop ferking around with second rate cards and just get a mosc?
if you have a dynamite programmer you can buy a blank 6464 card for a tenner;

then using cas6.6b you can use the smartcard generator function to make either an opos or a titanium2.
thanks to wonko i have the operating system osf files for opos and tit2.
But at present i can't erase the operating system on a tit2 2.01 and replace it with the opos 1.04 (so looks like the tit2's will be a while before they can be au files) anyway these files will be posted in the downloads shortly.
see the sticky on smartcard information top a cable room.
@TWOBEERCANS ( Or anyone else that knows :p )

Can you change the type of card ( i.e 6464 to tit2/opos ) using the Infinity USB Phoenix programmer?

~ PaulitoZ